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Once upon a time...


Mademoiselle Chocolat founder, Ursulina Damiens, is Jean Claude Damiens' granddaughter.

It is this background that taught her to choose the finest ingredients and quality handcrafted products so that you too can share the delicious flavours of her childhood. All products are guaranteed to offer you a mouth-watering experience and will whisk you away to France.

Jean Claude established CHOCOLATS DAMIENS in Guerville, Paris in 1950.


As a budding chocolatier, he sought perfection, choosing only to use pure ingredients and high quality products. In collaboration with a host of renowned French brands, his artistry grew and so did the company.

By 1974, every Damiens Family member had joined the business. In over half a century, production increased gradually from a few tonnes annually to 500 tonnes each year. Despite the growth of the company and the many advances in technology, Chocolats Damiens has stayed true to the artisanal process. Just as Jean Claude had first envisioned, it is these traditions that have stood the test of time.

Ursulina (Gran-daughter) and Jean Claude Damiens
Chocolats Damiens
Sylvie ( Daughter) and Jean Claude Damiens
Mr & Mrs Damiens Factory
Chocolats Damiens Construction
Christiane Damiens
Jean and Marie Toullec
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