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Three years of research and development were necessary to develop this process unique in the world, combining high technology and craftsmanship to imagine and design unique chocolates, beautiful and breathtaking. Because our chocolates must be as good as they are beautiful, we use for those models, a 71% ORGANIC dark chocolate from fair trade beans from Latin America of Forastero and Trinitario varieties.

Fashion Lover Set

  • Organic Black couverture 71% - Cacao Barry Ingredients: Organic cacao paste, organic cane sugar (36.32%), cacao butter, synthetic dyes: white (calcium Carbonate) - Natural dyes: blue (Spirulina), Red (beetroot), Green (Matcha), Yellow (Tumeric), Burgundy(Hibiscus)

    Weight: 240g

  • Store dry at a temperature not exceeding +22 or -2 degrees C.

    Temperatures fluctuation can affect chocolate colour but won't affect its quality.

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