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Discover a colorfull range of fruit jellies made of fresh fruits sourced from pretigious producers. They are sorted, cooked and peeled by hand in our beautiful french regions. An explosion of flavour and freshness guaranteed!


Lemon from Corse, blackcurrant from Bourgogne, plum from Lorraine, raspberry from Normandie and apricot from Drôme

Natural Fruit Jelly

SKU: 00203
  • Weight: 180g - 18 pieces

    Sugar (origin France)Fruit pulp (Apricot 60% *, raspberry 55%*, blackcurrant 35% *, lemon 13% * ((all origin France), apple (apple,sugar), glucose syrup, invert sugar, gelling agent: apple or lime pectin, concentrated lime juice, natural flavours. Coating: sugar.


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